Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Vaughan, but not forgotten.

Good news! Michael Vaughan is back and battin well, Paul Nixon looks like the bona fide wicket keepin-batsman England've been looking for, and that's the last Twenty20 match England'll have to play for a while. On the other hand, they were shocking. Australia batted out of their skins, fair enough, but they were never tested. Australia bowled well, but Flintoff and Pietersen combined for 11 runs on a decent wicket against a strike force that could hardly be described as world-class. The dropped catches tell their own story. The world cup is in exactly 60 days, and England seriously need to pull their socks up if they're even gunna survive the groups. Hope the selectors have Gough on speed-dial.

Liverpool 3 - Arsenal 6!! Holy shit! Makes you think of the good old days when Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-3 every week. We took it for granted that once Newcastle went 3 up Keegan would send on more strikers, just in case. Jose is clearly a talented guy, but I can't stand to look at Chelsea these days. So many talented players, playin the kinda football you'd be ashameda playin in the park. Kudos for Benitez and Wenger both, who play beautiful football whoever they play against. The special one can get tae fuck.



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